Computer Repair

Our aim is to bring top quality services, at a highly competitive cost to all of our customers.

At CompuPoint we provide high quality and affordable computer service for small businesses, professionals and homes. Our trained computer technicians can diagnose and repair all hardware and software issues on personal computers of all brands including Apple computers. We begin the repair process by troubleshooting to determine the exact cause of the problem. Once the problem is located, our technicians will make a diagnosis and find the best solution to remedy it. Our expert technicians ensure that there is a short turnaround time on most computer repairs. We understand how important computers are to our daily lives both on a personal and a business level so we work diligently to locate the problem and make repairs in order to get your computer up and running.

Here are some of the most common computer repairs that we perform for customers:

  • Overheating Issues
  • Virus and Malware Removal
  • Data Backups and Transfers
  • Fan Replacement
  • Memory Upgrades
  • Hard Drive Upgrades and Replacement
  • Operating System Installation
  • Full Diagnostics
  • System Optimization
  • Blue Screen Windows Issues
  • CD-Rom /Optical Drive Replacement
  • Webcam Issues
  • Motherboard Replacement
  • Video Card Issues

Virus Detection and Removal:

Do you find your PC behaving oddly recently? Pop ups and browser redirection? Then it is probably a virus. Computer viruses phishing attacks, malware etc. are becoming more and more pervasive in technology today. Viruses spread themselves through all sorts of tricky ways, including fake emails (phishing), social media, spam, and even fake antivirus software. You can never be 100% secure nowadays with social networking and music downloads. Even with the best antivirus, if you ‘invite’ the virus in there is nothing to stop it. Call us and our technicians will detect and clean the spyware and remove the annoying viruses, pop-ups, and spyware slowing your computer down. It doesn’t matter what state your computer is in, even if it won’t boot!

Computer Upgrades:

Most people’s computers become slow and outdated due to the fast paced technology nowadays. There are hardware upgrades that can extend the useful life of your current computer without completely draining your pocket or relegating yet another piece of machinery to a landfill. To bring you up to speed may mean just upgrading your RAM (memory), Hard Drive, Video Card or Processor (CPU).

Data Recovery and Backup:

Computer won’t start? Important files stored on your hard drive that you just must have.  Our Data Recovery service can recover your vital information. Our technicians will assess each situation whether it is a home computer system or a business system to find the most efficient way to backup the data that is important to you.

General Repairs:

We cover nearly all cases of Computer failure. From the most simple like driver issues to more complex problems like motherboard repair, operating system repair and hardware repair. The fact is, people need computer help now more than ever. Viruses, cheap hardware and difficult operating systems have made it almost impossible for the average user to keep his or her PC working at peak performance. Our technicians are able to make general repairs to all types of computers. They can diagnose and repair all software and hardware issues on personal computers, Apple computers and Laptops of all brands. We also offer printer and other peripheral repair. We can also repair/replace motherboards, sound cards or video cards to ensure that the computer functions properly.