Data Recovery

Computer won’t start? Important files stored on your hard drive that you just must have.

Our Data Recovery service can recover your vital information.

Data recovery is the process of salvaging data from damaged, failed, corrupted, or inaccessible hard drives or media when it cannot be accessed normally. In 99% of cases we can recover the important files such as photos and documents. Saving you both time and money. We can also recover accidentally deleted items, formatted hard drives and corrupted operating systems. Attempting to recover your own lost data could cause the situation to become worse; but technicians at CompuPoint have the experience and expertise to recover data on a hard drive. We use state-of-the-art equipment in data recovery to ensure that the files are not damaged permanently. There are basically three types of data recovery that technicians with CompuPoint have experience.

  • Malfunctioning Devices
  • Crashed Hard Drives
  • Mechanical Failures

Hard Drives Functionality

In many cases, the hard drive is functioning normally but information needs to be extracted. These types of situations are occurrences like water damage, dead motherboards or a broken screen. In these instances the hard drive is fully functional but the computer has been damaged so there is no way to access your important information.

Other data recoveries involve hard drives that are not necessarily malfunctioning, but maybe they have crashed partitions, logical recoveries or sector errors. In cases such as these, the hard drive may still be mechanically working but it is either beginning to fail or it is logically damaged.

Mechanical Failures

The third common type of data recovery has to do with mechanical failures. In some instances the heads have completely crashed. Usually this will also include things like PCB boards with water or liquid damages or jammed platters. These situations will usually require that the technician has access to special equipment which is designed to retrieve the data.

Data Recovery Services

Just like there can be different ways that data is stored, there are multiple ways for data to be lost. Sometimes we think that only computers and hard drives can lose data but many types of computer related media can lose data which needs to be recovered. Here are several different situations in which data can be recovered by our expert technicians:

  • Corrupt Databases
  • Data Corruption (RAID, SATA, IDE)
  • Formatting Recovery
  • Corrupted Log Files
  • Memory Stick or Flash Data Recovery
  • Data Recovery from a Memory Card (USB Drive, SD, Micro-SD, Mini-SD, Compact Flash Drive)
  • Can All Data be Recovered?

In most instances data is retrievable, but in a few cases it will be lost. In many cases, data can be obtained through the use of software but in other cases mechanical hardware failures have to be repaired before attempting data recovery. Our professional technicians at CompuPoint can assess the situation and employ workable solutions.