Trade-in / Recycle

Trade in what you have to get what you want.

Looking to upgrade your computer? We will gladly buy back your second-hand equipment and give you a store credit to use towards a purchase.

  1. Bring it in – We’ll inspect your device.
  2. Get a quote – We’ll make you an offer.
  3. Get paid – You’ll receive a store credit to use on anything in store and online.

Many variables affect the value given for any hardware. The trade-in value may increase or decrease depending on the condition of the item. Discretion is up to the store manager.

We take qualifying Intel based PC’s and Laptops. The trade-in value of your older computer will come directly off the purchase price of that new machine, leaving less total tax for you to pay. If you’re looking to purchase used, we offer great deals. We will help you find a computer that fits your price and performance needs. We test and certify all used products and include a 90 day parts & labour warranty (unless otherwise stated)

Please note that CompuPoint does not offer quotes over the phone. Due to the many variables in assessing the value of your Computer and its condition, our technicians will need to physically inspect it.

Not quite ready to trade your old computer in?

Have you considered an UPGRADE? Talk to us: we can increase the memory and speed of your already used and loved Computer to extend its lifetime.

Free electronics recycling

Even if your device has no trade-in value, we’ll still recycle it responsibly for free. It’s how we’re helping make a greener tomorrow happen.

Computers and related electronic equipment contain substances such as metals, glass, plastics and certain chemical compounds that are highly recoverable, recyclable and reusable. By recycling your old equipment in a responsible manner, you can keep electronic products out of our landfills and help maximize the use of our natural resources.

Know that at CompuPoint your old computer will NOT go to landfill? If you are wondering what to do with your old computer and do not want it going to waste, let us recycle it for you!

We will transfer all your files from your old computer to your new computer

For a nominal fee, we will transfer all the music, pictures, and important files from your old computer to your new computer. Rest assured – all your personal information will be removed from the old computer’s hard drive when you turn it over to CompuPoint.

Go Green

At CompuPoint we believe that reusing computers and various parts is the smartest way to recycle. Further minimizing the impact on the environment, previously owned computers are either brought back to life or parts are utilized to repair other computers.

For computers or parts that have outlasted their useful life, we find a caring home at a local recycling center.  At each step of the way, we look to maximize the value of the computer and minimize the impact on the environment.

Refurbish, Reuse & Recycle

You trust CompuPoint when it’s time to upgrade to the latest laptops and you can also trust us to help you safely dispose of your old ones. By recycling your computer with us, you can rest assured that your old equipment is recycled in an environmentally responsible manner that follows stringent recycling policies and procedures.

Regardless of where you bought it, what brand it is or how old it is, bring your old Desktop or Laptop PC to us and we’ll make sure it’s properly and safely recycled

Buying green can also save you green

When you bring your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone to CompuPoint for recycling, you can get a free trade-in quote and apply those funds to your next purchase. You win and the environment wins!